The basics of King fridge

The goal is to finish the game with the lowest number of points on your fridge cards

Start the game with 4 fridge cards face down. Only take a look at the nearest two and make sure to remember them. 

Take turns drawing a fridge card. 
Swap it
with one of your cards, or discard it directly. 
Cards will remain face down, so stay cool and keep your focus!

Perform actions connected to the fridge card you throw away to find out which cards are in play and make sure you own the best ones. Make sure to stay clear of your allergies and play special cards to make the game even more exciting!

Keep an eye out to get rid of your fridge cards when someone discards a card that matches your own. Be quick, as only the first one to take action enjoys this benefit. You snooze you lose!

Confident that you have the lowest score?
Claim King Fridge
to try to improve your score even further and end the round

More details? Check out our How to Play page!

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