Before you start reading our game manual, just watch our 3 minute explainer video. It will explain all elements you need to know to play your first game of King Fridge.

How to play

game manual can be downloaded at the bottom of this page

The goal is to finish the game with the lowest number of points on your fridge cards. Start the game with 4 fridge cards face down. Only take a look at the nearest two and make sure to remember them. Now, play the game by taking turns drawing a fridge card. Swap it with one of your cards, or discard it directly. Cards will remain face down, so stay cool and keep your focus! The options when taking your turn: 

All fridge cards carry a number, ranging from -2 to 30. Collect the lowest numbers to win! Watch out for the Fatal Fruit...

Some fridge cards state an action. When you discard a fridge card, you must use its action. Use actions to check out other players’ cards and improve your own. Always remember your allergies, and play special cards to further spice up the game!

Keep an eye out to get rid of your fridge cards when someone discards a card that matches your own. Be quick, as only the first one to take action enjoys this benefit. You snooze you lose!

Are you confident enough that you have the lowest number of points? Claim King Fridge to try to improve your score even further and to initiate the end of the round.

For more details regarding the scoring of each round, the unique actions of the fridge cards and the disrupting effects of the special cards, have a look at our user guide!