Our Story

We are Dennis, Sjoerd, Niels and Koen, four friends from the Netherlands. Whenever we can, we like set out on hiking trips in the mountains. At night, we rest our feet, take a cold beer, and play all kinds of card games. Last summer, we started experimenting with playing cards and ended up with a surprisingly fun game. We played all night long. Not to long after, one of us uttered the magic words: everyone should know this game. Now, 7 months later, we can finally present our card game to you. Thanks for checking it out on our website! Next to introducing King Fridge, we would also like to shortly introduce ourselves.

Dennis is an active bloke that likes pretty much every sport. Because he is living in Switzerland, hiking, mountain biking and skiing are often on the top of his list. As econometrician he can handle some hard core math, so if you would like to know more about the perfect gambling strategy or stock investing, he is your guy. Dennis is mainly working of our game manual, manufacturing and marketing.

If you think of a smart guy, the guy you are thinking of is probably Sjoerd. He is currently doing a PhD in quantum computing, so the future of our next fast game console may be in his hands. When he is giving his brain a break, he is playing football or tennis, or working on our fulfillment strategy and card design. The vegetarian in our group likes to think about the environment, and constantly pushes us to use renewable materials. 

The allergy free Niels has finally stopped complaining about all the allergies that the others have, now that it has led to a cool new game. Currently working as a customer support engineer at a semiconductor company, he will be able to streamline the customer support of King Fridge. Next to that, Niels is also responsible for the website you are currently looking at. In his free time he has been working on electric race cars for the past few years. 

Koen is the tall guy in the room. Although he has an engineering background, he discovered his artistic side during the King Fridge project. As a professional consultant, he knows the devil is in the details. Therefore Koen is responsible for the design of our fridges. He is also our social media expert and content creator. When he has time to spare, he is supporting his favorite football club. You can also find him on the field or drinking a beer afterwards.