What a royal month, thank you! What's next?

What a royal month, thank you! What's next?


What a great month it has been, thanks to you! You have helped us launch our dream project, and we will not let you down.  You will be one of the first in the world to receive King Fridge - The Cool Card Game.

So, what happens next?

  • Kickstarter will process your credit card payment within 14 days
  • After, we will ask you for your shipping preferences (pick-up or delivery, and address). If you choose delivery, you will be able to pay the shipping fee at that moment
  • The production order is already being processed by the factory, but we have to be patient; lead times could reach 4-5 month due to Covid
  • When production has been completed, we will get the game to you a.s.a.p! 

During this process, when anything interesting happens, we will let you know. If at some point you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

To make up for the long wait

We can imagine 5 months can feel like a long time. To soothe the pain... here's an extra special card which we will add to your box(es) of King Fridge! 

Some fun facts we love

You, and all other backers, together...

  • claimed 657 boxes of King Fridge (wow)
  • pledged €10,125 to kick-start the project
  • made sure King Fridge will be all over the planet; boxes will be sent all over Europe, to Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, Korea, the US, and other cool places! 

Again, thank you for your support, and stay cool! 


Dennis, Niels, Sjoerd & Koen

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