Our Kickstarter Story

Kickstarter: in one month from €0 funding to €10.125 and king fridge in production!

June 15th!

08:00 am: 4 excited geezers with some positive nerves opened their laptops to start their video call. After taking two minutes to get rid of their bad hair days and some chitchat things got real! It was the most important day of the King Fridge project as in 20 minutes we would hit the “Launch” button on Kickstarter.

08:20 am: Off course as picky as we were, we had been having hour long careful discussions about what time to launch and what funding goal to set. We decided as follows; our goal is €1000 and we would launch at 08:30 am. But when the clock hit 08:20 one of us said “guys I think we are going to ace it. Let’s launch now and be more ambitious with €1500! Funny how in this situation we reached an agreement in 2 seconds. And so Koen smashed that “Launch” button to kick of our campaign.  

We all turned to our emails and phones to notify all those lovely people that expressed their interest in our game! 


09:02 am: Little did we know, the €1500 was already funded and things went through the roof. More and more people supported our project and became the early backers of our card game. Well, the feeling that gave us? Simply amazing and it can’t be captured on paper!

11:12 pm: Insane what a successful day it has been. So much fun to see all those people supporting you in our endeavor. As a result our funding kept rising and so it happened that we were on our way towards €5000 funding before midnight. We really hoped we could reach this and then at 11:12 pm we made it! €5.000 funding and 209 backers. Could there be any better way to start our sleep?


June 16th!

06:48 am: Dennis wakes up, checks the Kickstarter and puts a message in our whats app: “€5126 lekker wakker worden hoorrr”. And for Sjoerd waking up even got better. To get more exposure, Koen posted a video on TikTok of Sjoerd, dressed up in his King Fridge sweater, who was dancing rediculously. Important note: Sjoerd was pretty drunk at the time of filming and had no active memories of that moment, neither of Koen checking whether it was fine to upload the video. Might be best to not provide you with a link to the video, but if you desperately want to see it, we’re sure you can find it.

Anyways, back to the Kickstarter campaign.

June 16th – July 12th!

Traditionally Kickstarter campaigns that run well have the majority of their backers and funding on the first day.  And so did we. In the days that followed we got about €130 euro funding each day on average. We kept up the promotion by getting ourselves published in several newspapers, on radios, running advertisements, posting on social media and more. We received a 8 from Nox Spellenzolder which felt a mature achievement!

July 12th – July 15th!
With a bit more than 3 days left, an average of €130 funding over the last days and a funding of around €9000 at July 12th, the magic line of €10.000 funding seemed like a dream. But hey, dreams are to become true. So when at July 15th we were at €9.400 we put our forces together and squeezed out all our influencer energy, we were dedicated to reach the goal. With Koen and Niels in the Netherlands, Dennis in Switzerland and Sjoerd in Italy we all did our tasks and saw the effect. The funding kept rising and rising and 8 hours before the end of the campaign (and the start of the European night) we succeeded! €10.000 funding!

July 15th!
05:42 am: “Yeaaaah” are Koen’s first letters on whats app that day. And 3 hours later our Kickstarter campaign ended with a final funding of €10.125. We were so happy to see this great success and congratulated each other with the result and all the work we did. 

So what happened the days after? Also we needed a bit of holiday and time to process this past lovely month! It honestly was such a super nice experience!


what is next?

What is next you say? Easy: King Fridge worldwide! Ohw and of course if Elon musk populates the moon, King Fridge will make sure to be there as well. Don’t worry. 

To get there, the first step is to get our game physically produced. Already before and during the kickstarter campaign we have been in close contact with our card game manufacturer to get all the production files on track. All this is now well arranged.

Because of the Covid crisis and the extreme pressure on the carton and card game market, production lead times suddenly went from 12 weeks to 22 weeks. Taking all this into account we expect to be able to get King Fridge at the doorsteps of all our backers in December. 

If you haven’t yet reserved your copy and also want a nice crowned fridge on your doorstep in December. Be sure to get one!